Admission and Enrolment Process

Early Years | iPrimary| iLower Secondary| Junior High School

Dear Prospective Parent/ Guardian,

We are excited that you have chosen to enrol your ward in Southeastern Academy. In Southeastern Early Years and iPrimary departments, reading and math mastery is our niche. We employ the Montessori method of teaching in our preschool and kindergarten department.

Entrance Exams: Reception (Kindergarten) and iprimary

Reception and iprimary pupils are required to write entrance exam in math, reading and English Language. Entrance exams fee is GHC 100. Pay via mobile money, 0242303512. Include reference as “ward’s full name entrance exams.”

Entrance Exams: iLower secondary/ JHS

Ilower Secondary students (Year 7-Year 9) are required to write entrance exams in Maths, English and Science. The cost is GHC50 per paper which amounts to GHC150.

Entrance Exam and Admission Enquiries

For further enquiries on entrance exams and subsequent admission, follow the steps below

  1. Click on this link to complete and submit your application form.
  2. You will be contacted by the administrator, 0534155577 on the details of the entrance exams, our tuition and additional fees.
  3. After your ward has written the entrance exams and is assured admission into a class, click on this link to complete the registration forms or get a hard copy from the administration.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for Early Years

Submit the following items before or on the first day of school.

  •  1 photocopy of Health Records (Weighing card)

  •  1 photocopy of birth certificate

  •  1 passport picture

Admission Requirements for IPLS and JHS Departments.

    • 1 photocopy of terminal report from child’s previous school. (Must be submitted before admission is offered).

    •  1 photocopy of birth certificate.

    •   1 passport picture.

All new entrants are expected to make full payment of fees before the first day of school. Contact the administrator on 0534155577/0555703785.