Southeastern Montessori Academy
Who We Are

Southeastern Montessori Academy

Welcome to Southeastern Montessori Academy, a beacon of quality education, where young minds flourish, and the joy of learning is nurtured. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart as a leading institution that molds confident, collaborative, and independent individuals. At Southeastern Montessori Academy, we believe that the foundation of a successful education is built on a combination of strong academic principles and the development of life skills. With this philosophy in mind, we seamlessly integrate the British and Ghanaian curriculum. This unique approach empowers our students with a well-rounded education that is recognized locally and internationally.

Our mission

To provide every child with a holistic education, without discrimination against social class, religion and race.

Our vision

To be rated as one of the best in the provision of quality education in Ghana.

Our Core Values


We raise students who have the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Positive Attitude

Our students are optimistic about situations, interactions, and themselves


We provide our students with the resources and skills needed to excel in their academic and social lives.

Why Choose Us


At Southeastern Montessori Academy we go beyond education – we shape futures. Our commitment to early reading proficiency, our fusion of curricula, and our dedication to building confidence, collaboration, and independence set us apart as the premier choice for parents seeking quality education in Ghana. Join us on a journey of exploration, growth, and limitless possibilities.

Enroll your child today to experience education that empowers, enlightens, and endows them with skills for life. Together, let’s build a generation of thinkers, achievers, and individuals prepared for the challenges of the modern world at Southeastern.


Joining Southeastern means making a meaningful impact. Guide students through their crucial formative years, fostering independence and success. Enjoy continuous professional growth through workshops and resources, while collaborating with a supportive community of like-minded educators.

Immerse yourself in the renowned Montessori philosophy, leveraging state-of-the-art facilities to create engaging learning spaces. Collaborate closely with parents for a holistic educational journey.

Why Dedicated Staff Matters

Dedicated educators are the heart of quality education. Your commitment shapes students’ growth, unlocking their potential and love for learning. We seek qualified and passionate individuals who will inspire and make a lasting difference.

Our Strengths


Early Reading Proficiency

One of our proudest achievements is our unparalleled success in nurturing early readers. We believe that reading is the gateway to a world of knowledge, and our dedicated educators employ Montessori methods to foster a love for reading from an early age. Our carefully curated reading programs lay a solid foundation for academic success.


GES and Pearson Curriculum

The combination of the British and Ghanaian curricula reflects our commitment to providing a comprehensive education. Our students experience the best of both educational systems, gaining exposure to global perspectives while benefiting from the Ghanaian and British academic system.


Confidence Building

Our approach fosters self-confidence in students by encouraging them to take ownership of their learning journey. Through hands-on activities, exploratory learning, and individualized attention, students develop a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence.


Collaborative Learning

We understand the importance of collaboration in the modern world. Our classrooms are designed to promote teamwork, communication, and empathy. By working together on projects and sharing ideas, students develop crucial interpersonal skills that serve them well in both academic and social settings.


Independence Cultivation

The Montessori philosophy places a strong emphasis on independence. Our students are guided to make choices, solve problems, and take responsibility for their learning. This cultivates a sense of responsibility and independence that prepares them for the demands of higher education and adulthood.