Southeastern Montessori Academy



Southeastern Academy disability policy implores that students with learning-disabilities are provided with the extra support they need and are treated with respect and patience as much as anyone else. Our disability policy for full time employees refers to the institution’s provisions of paid leave for staff who are unable to work for a short period of time (up to 4-week period) due to medical reasons.

Key objectives

Our goal is to provide students and employees with learning disabilities with equitable resources, to create a safe, inclusive and healthy learning environment for everyone. We take the mental and physical health of our students and employees seriously.

Our key objectives are:

  • To make appropriate accommodations for students with physical disability or mental health challenges, to reduce the impact of their disability and provide a positive experience.
  • To ensure employees with short term disability receive necessary support they require


  • Southeastern Academy will communicate the disability policy to our students, employees, contractors, parents and all stakeholders.
  • Southeastern Academy will create and train the Disability Accessibility Team to understand our disability policy, and ensure team members provide students and employees with the support they need to strive.
  • Southeastern Academy management will regularly monitor, assess and evaluate methods and performance in relation to accommodating students and employees need.

Disability Policy:

  • It is the policy of Southeastern Academy to protect all students with learning disabilities and full-time employees with eligible medical disability needs.
  • Southeastern Academy will accept as a confirmation of disability for a student or employee, expects decision note from a practicing medical doctor.
  • Students and staff must submit to the management their disability application and eligibility statement for final determination by the management.
  • The management team will work with the Disability Accessibility Team, to provide the appropriate accommodation required.
  • Student will receive accommodation for both physical disability and mental health. Counseling services will be available to all students and employees.
  • Students who require academic accommodation will receive equitable resources they need to successful complete their academic requirements.
  • Employees shall receive support for physical or mental injury or illness that prevents the said employee from working efficiently. It does not refer to those who sustained minor injuries (ex: slight cuts and sprains). Employees must be under treatment or recovering from a medical condition.
  • We shall ensure student and employee disability is treated with much importance and priority to ensure they receive the necessary support they need.