Southeastern Montessori Academy



This policy developed by Southeastern Academy recognizes the need for satisfaction feedback from students, staff, and parents. The policy also addresses student and staff complaints, and compliance with the school’s policies, procedures, and guidelines. 

Key objectives

Our goal is to ensure that appeals and complaints by staff, students and parents/guardians are dealt with fairly, and ensure all parties are satisfied with decisions made to resolve complaints.

Our key objectives are:

  • To ensure that all appeals and complaints are made in written to management.
  • To ensure accessible, fair and confidential appeals and complaints process, from submission to the decision-making process.
  • To ensure all parties adhere to the school’s policies and procedures.


  • Define procedures and provide guidance on the appeals and complaints standards we expect and the actions management should take to resolve appeals and written complaints.
  • Staff, students and parents/ guardians are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and to adhere to Southeastern Academy policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Students and staff are expected to familiarize themselves with the appeals and complaints policy.
  • All appeals and complaints must be filed in written to management. All appeals and complaints will be reviewed without bias.
  • Communicate our policy and guidelines to our employees, contractors, parents and interested parties.
  • Educate staff and students on the proper way to file a complaint or an appeal, and the process involved.
  • Regularly monitor, assess and evaluate methods and performance in relation to appeals and complaints procedure.
  • Southeastern Academy has developed an Appeals and Complaints Policy this day of June 14, 2020 and as part of that policy, we have defined a set of procedures to follow as well as guidelines on other issues. We will also signpost other policies and procedures that are complementary to data protection.

Appeals and Witten Complaints Policy:

  • We prioritize the interest of our students, parents, staff and the school to ensure that each party achieves fairness. Fairness is fundamental when dealing with members of Southeastern Academy.
  • The school is committed to making sure that complaints and appeals are dealt with confidentially and equitably.
  • When management makes a decision in relation to a student or staff, they (students or staff) have the right to appeal.
  • All appeals and complaints must be initiated within 15 business days of being made aware of the decision or outcome an event or happening.
  • Any disciplinary action taken toward an employee or a student as a result of a complaint, the employee or student will have access to the appropriate appeal or complaint procedure.
  • Management will review appeals and complaints submitted by students and employees. A copy of the written appeal or complaint will be provided to the student or staff, and the process to the decision made will be discussed with them.