Southeastern Montessori Academy



This policy has been developed by Southeastern Academy

Key objectives

We ensure that all private and personal information pertaining to our students, parents, staff and contractors are protected and kept confidential. Our key objectives are:
  • To protect personal and vital information and interests of our students, staff, contractors, and all stakeholders.
  • To ensure all personal identifying information concerning students, staff, and contractors
shall only be shared and handled on a need-to-know basis and where we have the express consent of the data subject for the nominated purpose, except where there is an apparent immediate threat to life or limb. Access to the information must be necessary for the conduct of a role relevant to our School. Only individuals who have legitimate reasons to access the information can receive it.


  • Define procedures and provide guidance on the data protection standards we expect and the actions our people (employees, contractors, and management) should take to protect information.
  • Communicate our policy and guidelines to our employees, contractors, parents, and interested parties.
  • Train our staff to understand our data protection principles, and ensure each staff signs a confidentiality agreement to abide by these principles.
  • Regularly monitor, assess, and evaluate methods and performance in relation to handling personal information and other vital/sensitive data.
  • Southeastern Academy developed a Data Protection Policy this day of May 13, 2020, and as part of that policy, we have defined a set of procedures to follow as well as guidelines on other issues. We will also signpost other policies and procedures that are complementary to data protection.

Our Data Protection Policy

  • We shall ensure personal information is treated lawfully and correctly, and ensure fair collection and use of information.
  • Personal information shall be kept secure by the information and resource team who takes appropriate technical and other measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing or accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to personal information.
  • Shall ensure all confidential data are not shared with anyone except in the case of emergency, and where permission is granted.
  • Our information and resource team shall determine what purposes personal information held, will be used for, and prevent the unlawful release of information.
  • All students, parents, staff and contractors have the right to the information our school holds about them. We shall take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is kept up to date by asking all individuals to report any changes to their information.
  • Shall make public our data protection principles on our school website, and also make these principles available and accessible to all parties involved.
  • Southeastern Academy shall make management, staff and contractors aware that a breach of the data protection rules my lead to disciplinary action taken against them, which could include termination of appointment.